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Remember the lyrics to the Christian song, Go Tell it on the Mountain? The song compels believers to go “over the hills and far away” to tell the world that Jesus Christ is born. Tell the world how you feel about Jesus, the Bible, God, the Holy Spirit, and faith in general by creating your own digital Bible page. My Bible Page is the modern equivalent to professing your faith on a mountain top.

All faiths and denominations are welcome to create a free Bible page. Whether you’re a Christian, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, or a member of any other Bible-based faith, My Bible Page is for you. Share your thoughts, feelings, insights, and stories online and let the world know how God and His Word have played a role in your life.  How you use your Bible page is up to you. For example, if you want to post your favorite psalms on you Bible page, you may do so. If you want to dedicate your page to an in-depth discussion of a particular Bible verse, please do so.
If you want your Bible page to inspire others with stories of how God has touched your life, you can share your personal stories. 

While your Bible page on the Web site is yours to create as you choose, we do have a few rules which are strictly enforced. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate statements of any kind. If you encounter a personal Bible page or forum post that you disagree with, disapprove of, or simply do not like, disagree with love and respect – not hate or harmful words. 

Creating your own Bible page is easy. Simply register for a free account and we will send you your login credentials and detailed instructions on how to get started. Once your account is ready, let your imagination – and your faith – guide you as you create a custom Web page devoted to your religious beliefs, perspectives, and favorite Bible verses and versions.


Your Bible page has many uses including:

·        Online testimonial – Share your personal story online

·        Online Bible study – Post a new verse or psalm each week

·        Conversation starter – Share your link on your favorite social networking sites and start a bible discussion online

·        Church group gathering place – Let your fellow church members know of your Bible page’s existence and regularly post Bible passages and food for thought and discussion

In addition to crafting a devotional page at, join the forum and connect with others who share your love of the Bible. Communicating with people from other faiths can lead to a greater understanding and tolerance of the world’s religions while also helping you to gain a deeper understanding of your own beliefs.

Today, you don’t need to go tell it on the mountain. Instead, tell it online by creating your own devotional bible page! Register for your free My Bible Page account today.

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