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The Electronic Bible – There's an App for That!


While nothing quite compares to the feeling of a well-worn leather Bible in your hands, there's no denying that eReaders and smart phones can lighten your load and deliver God's message – virtually any time, anywhere. From electronic versions of the Bible to apps, your daily bread is just a click away.


Bibles for eReaders

A quick look at Amazon's Kindle Store reveals a healthy selection of electronic Bibles with prices ranging from free to about $30. In addition to Bibles, the Kindle Store carries a large selection of Bible study books, guides, and dictionaries. Not sure which electronic edition is right for you? As with most Kindle eBooks, you can download a free sample to your Kindle. Download the ones that sound like good candidates and try before you buy.


Naturally, electronic versions of the Bible are available for other eReaders such as the Nook, iPad, or Sony eReader. In addition, some editions of the Bible, such as the King James Version, are in the public domain and can be downloaded to your eReader for free from public domain book sites such as


Bible Apps for Smart Phones

Just as the Kindle Store is loaded with biblical eBooks, Apple's iTunes is loaded with Bible apps, podcasts, widgets, study guides, and reference books.


For example, the free Bible App by offers daily reading plans, a search tool, audio clips, and over 80 translations of the Bible. You can even sync your app with and participate in live, interactive church services hosted there.   


The Advantages of Studying the Bible on Your Mobile Device

Whether you're using an eReader, tablet, or smart phone, studying the Bible electronically offers numerous advantages over reading physical pages. A few advantages included:

·       Search features – Searching for a given verse is a simple matter of typing the chapter and verse numbers. Not sure exactly where to find a verse? No problem, use a keyword search. Wondering what the Bible has to say on a particular subject? Again, a keyword search can lead you there.

·       Notes – While you might hesitate to mark up your family Bible, an electronic Bible lends itself to note taking. Not only can you take notes, you can highlight passages that catch your attention, bookmark certain sections, or even post your favorite verses and thoughts to your Twitter or Facebook account.

·       Connectivity – Depending on whether you're reading a downloaded version of the Bible or accessing the Word of God via a mobile app, your mobile device may be able to access additional information as needed, allowing you to expand your studies.   

·       Portability – If you already have an eReader, tablet, or smart phone, you're likely already carrying your device with you. Instead of toting your heavy Bible, download an electronic version and enjoy both a lighter load and unfettered access to God's Word.  

·       Privacy – While you're always willing to share your faith, it's also nice to be able to read in private. To casual observers, you're simply using a mobile device.


These are but a few advantages of electronic Bibles. How have you used your mobile device to get closer to God? Share your thoughts below.